Why Hardwood Timber Flooring Is Popular in Australia

If you are thinking of adding a timber floor to your house, congratulations! You have made an excellent choice. This type of flooring material is easy to maintain and will greatly add value to your property. When you install this type of flooring, you can feel good about your purchase. Timber flooring lasts a long time and will create an impressive addition to your current décor.

A Floor That Works Out in Any Décor

In fact, you can place timber flooring in Brisbane in any type of décor. You don’t have to add it to only traditional designs. The floor is a superb choice for homes that feature contemporary designs as well as houses that are more classic.

An Outback Type of Timber

One of the more popular timbers used for flooring in Australia is an outback timber known as brushbox. Brushbox is offered as an engineered wood and is currently in high demand amongst Australian property owners. Not only is the wood’s grain fine and its colouring elegant but the coastal hardwood displays a range of hues that range from pink-grey to warm reddish-brown. Its hardiness and strength permit the timber to be used for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

For example, this timber was used extensively in the Sydney Opera House. You can access brushbox on the central coast of New South Wales and it spans up to Bowen in Queensland. Whilst this wood can be hard to install, you can find planks with tongue-and-groove features that make installation less arduous.

Use Spotted Gum Inside or Outside Your Residence

People don’t mind paying extra for installation as this wood is both beautiful and easy to maintain, especially when it is engineered. Its hardiness makes this an exceptional choice for a floor replacement. You might also consider another hardwood, such as spotted gum. This floor can be placed inside or outside as a deck in Australia.

An Impressive and Easy-to-Install Timber Floor Product

Spotted gum, just the same as brushbox, grows from New South Wales to Queensland. It is considered one of the hardiest of the Australian hardwoods. If you want to add this floor, you will find that it is easy to polish or stain. It is also easier to install. Whilst it may not look as elegant as brushbox, it certainly is impressive nonetheless. To lower your installation costs, you may want to choose spotted gum over a brushbox timber floor.

Whatever timber you choose, you will be making a good choice. Both of the aforementioned woods are sturdy and long-life timbers. You can upgrade your flooring and easily increase the value of your real estate at the same time. Check out the various hardwoods online today and find an engineered wood that meets your criteria.