The Many Benefits of GEM Embroidery Thread

If you run a garment manufacturing business, you’ll be happy to learn that embroidery thread development is ongoing, and there are some innovative new threads on the market that offer many benefits. GEM is an Indian company that has more than 2 decades of experience in manufacturing quality embroidery threads for the garment manufacturing industry, and all their products meet ISO standards.

Polyester Embroidery Thread

If you use polyester embroidery thread in your production, GEM are the go-to people for the very best in threads, and with a Thai company that supplies GEM products, your business can enjoy the many benefits that come from using the best threads on the market today.

  • Formaldehyde Free – This is extremely important if you make children’s garments, and this thread meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II Certification.
  • Smooth thread delivery at speeds of up to 1,200 RPM. This means no time-consuming snags or tangles.
  • ISO Standard Colour Fastness – A critical quality, colour fastness is guaranteed, thanks to the high quality dyes used.
  • No AZO Paints Used.
  • Consistent Colour Batches – Maximum 3% variation per batch, ensuring long-term colour consistency.
  • Suitable for All Fabric Types – Whatever the fabric, GEM polyester embroidery thread can be used.
  • Optimum Strength to Reduce Yarn Breakage – Yarn breaks cost money.
  • Soft and Shiny Finish – Critical for stitching embroidery.
  • Knotless Technology – Zero chance of knots.

Aside from all of the above advantages, polyester embroidery thread comes in more than 400 colours, so there will be a perfect match for your fabrics.

Prefabricated Thread Bobbins

If you use prefabricated thread bobbins, change-over time is greatly reduced, and these devices are designed to make a bobbin replacement a smooth operation. This dramatically reduces downtime, which boosts production, and there is a specialist company that offers many innovative products that are specifically designed for the garment industry, and they can be located with an online search.

Laboratory Immersion for Perfect Colour Matching

It is obviously important to have thread that perfectly matches your fabric colour, and there’s no better way to achieve this than laboratory immersion techniques, which the supplier would employ. With your fabric samples, the thread manufacturer can create thread that is exactly the same shade, which will greatly enhance the garment.

Creating That Shine

Embroidered fabric always looks better if the thread has a sheen, and this is something that GEM thread certainly has, which is the result of R & D. As the thread is 100% polyester, it retains that sheen throughout, and its properties are excellent for machine work, maintaining a good tension at all times.

If you haven’t yet made the switch to GEM embroidery thread, an online search will put you in touch with a local supplier, and whatever your needs, this state-of-the-art embroidery thread will deliver the goods.

Using this product brings many advantages, all of which are outlined above, and the supplier would be able to tailor the product to match your fabrics, giving you a top-grade thread that ticks all the boxes.



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